Australian History For Dummies by Alex McDermott

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Want to be in the driver’s seat as you explore the important events of Australia’s past and present?

Let Australian History For Dummies serve as your tour guide, introducing you to the people who, and the events that, helped shape Australia’s history. Find out about life down under, and discover all the intriguing details the dry history textbooks left out!


Wiley's New Book: Australian History for Dummies by Alex McDermott  

In Australian History For Dummies find out:


  • Details of iconic Australians, from politicians to bushrangers and sportspeople to scientists
  • The origins of the terra nullius theory and the Mabo verdict on native title
  • Analysis of the culture wars and their impact on Australian life
  • The game-changing moment in Australia’s history
  • Inventions that Australians have given the world
  • How European settlers forged inland to open up Australia’s fertile land
  • Discover the fascinating details that have made Australia the country it is today!



Alex McDermott has been researching, writing about and teaching Australian history for the past decade, including time spent teaching at La Trobe University in Victoria, writing essays, articles and a book, and acting as researcher and consultant for various popular historical documentaries.

Australian Inspiration website launch on Australia Day

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“We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through.”
- Aboriginal proverb
Looking for an Australian quote for your presentation, your project, your report or even your wedding speech? Thanks to a new register of Australian quotes to be launched on Australia Day, your search will be easy. On 26th January 2011, will become a live resource (ad free) available for all Australians. It is the brain-child and gift to Australia of author, Christine Lister.
The project began more than one year ago when Christine herself was looking for Australian quotes to include in her book, In the Garden of my Delights. There was no national register of Australian quotes. Christine was forced to sift through mountains of global information to find great Australian sayings. Not one to do things by halves, Christine took upon herself the mammoth task of collecting and recording thousands of Australians quotes. The result is a very valuable resource for all Australians now and in the future.
Christine has collected quotes from famous, infamous and ordinary Australians, from the young and the old, from ancient Australian wisdom and from new Australians. The quotes cover everything from nature, love, politics, business, friendship, science, food, wildlife, resilence and success and just about every topic in between.
She has garnered pearlers from Australians as diverse as Dainere Anthoney 12, Sue Arnold, Maggie Beer, Wolf Blass, Bob Brown, Julian Burnside, Densey Clyne, Rev Margaret Court, Sam Cox, Rev Bill Crews, Ben and Adam Cropp, Bart Cummings, Catherine de Vrye, Anh Do, Mark Donaldson VC, Judith Durham, Teg Egan, Tim Fischer, Malcolm and Tamie Fraser, Dr Jim Frazier, Costa Georgiadis, Lt General Kenneth Gillespie, Michael Kirby, Rev Graham Long, Jesse Martin, John Newcombe, Benjamin Northey, Sir Gustav Nossal, Olivia Newton-John, Stella Reid, Phil Ruthven, Dick Smith, Deborah Tabart, Val and Ron Taylor, Simon Tedeschi, Les Twentyman, Robyn Williams, Arron Wood, Dr Clare Wright and Ken Wyatt plus some cracker quotes of our colourful past.
“I was drawn to this project,” explains Christine. “Once I realised it didn’t exist, I felt compelled to create it. It has definitely been a labour of love, one that I feel this great country deserves.”
The Australian Inspiration website has captured the spirit and culture of Australia. It is peppered with nearly 400 iconic images, many donated by the Australian people and tourism commissions. It is a project that will grow and change as Australia does. Christine has so far collected over two thousand quotes from over six hundred authors with the numbers on the site growing daily. The site is open to accept new quotes and images in the future, a shared ongoing legacy.
“I hope Australians will use the site to draw inspiration when times are tough or simply to feel a sense of pride in our collective wisdom.” Christine says, “This will hopefully become the first port of call when looking for some words that inspire and motivate us, and shape our hopes and dreams.”
The project has been self-funded by Christine. A book with the same title will be launched later this year.
To contribute or use the resource go to from 26th January 2011.

Autumn arrives with inspiration Knox Shopping Centre

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Dive into the 52 page Autumn Fashion and Beauty issue of INSPIRE from Knox Shopping Centre for your chance to ‘win a $1000 fashion wardrobe’.
It’s time to celebrate the crisp air, shorter days and nature’s changing colours! And what better way to do it than browsing through the autumn edition of INSPIRE, full of new season fashion, expert beauty tips and show-stopping accessories, all available in-centre now at Knox Shopping Centre.
Fashion fanatics will enjoy our retro fashion feature, covering the timeless trends of the 40s, 60s and 70s, which took over the international runways this year. The collection, shot by leading international photographer Nick Leary, includes designs from leading brands such as David Lawrence and Colette by Colette Hayman.
Other INSPIRE highlights include:
  • A preview of the top 10 things we’re loving this autumn and our favourite items in-store now from beauty products to books, fashion and appliances for the kitchen!
  • An interview with leading international hair stylist and TV Star, Tabatha Coffey, who talks to us about her amazing career and shares with us her top hair tips.
  • We also catch up with beauty queen, TV personality and recent Celebrity Apprentice Runner-Up, Jesinta Campbell, who shares her plans for the future.
  • Learn all about the must-have fashion accessories from studded ankle boots to stand-out jewellery.
  • Our dedicated beauty section features all the latest skin care hints and tried and tested products to have you looking your best for Autumn, including features on luscious lips, eyes, nails, face and body.
Don’t forget to turn to our ‘Be Inspired’ pages as we feature all the news on What’s in and What’s On, including and the latest news and fashion from your favourite brands at Knox Shopping Centre now!
It’s a perfect time to prepare for the cooler days - with a little help from INSPIRE and Knox Shopping Centre. 
For more information, simply go to

AVG’s Security Evangelist Releases Book: ‘One Parent To Another’

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Free download guide offers tips for parents to help keep their family safe in the digital world


AVG Technologies N.V. (NYSE: AVG), the provider of Internet and mobile security, privacy and optimization, has announced that its senior security evangelist, Tony Anscombe, has authored and released a book, One Parent to Another. The book is a hands-on practical guide and discussion of the challenges parents of all ages are facing in today’s digital world, based on Anscombe’s experiences as a father and as an expert with over 20 years in the security industry.


In One Parent to Another, Anscombe looks at the impact of technology on family life and the challenges it presents to parents and children alike. Some of the important topics he addresses in the book include:

  • What we actually mean when we use the term ‘connected devices’ as it’s not simply about the computer, the laptop, the tablet and the smartphone any more
  • Connecting to the Internet safely by using the tools available to everyone to provide basic security and privacy
  • Technology etiquette and behavior for the whole family: over-sharing, cyberbullying and leading by example
  • Tools for parents to get up to speed on the latest technology, parental controls options and tips to help keep your child safe online


AVG research* has shown that it’s increasingly common for an infant to have a ‘digital birth’ before they are physically born, with 23% of mothers sharing sonogram pictures on social networks like Facebook, and 81% of children under two currently have some kind of digital dossier or footprint. This ‘sharenting’ behavior, where parents willingly share pictures and information about their children, is one side of the story; on the other side, 69%of people in different AVG survey felt technology would only become more intrusive in the future.



If a child is being bullied at school, parents address it with the school. With online it’s harder as it happens virtually and can be done while hiding behind a false identity. If parents suspect their child is being cyberbullied, there are some practical steps to take.


Take it seriously and act. Do not let the problem fester and know that cyberbullying is as simple as an email or text, it doesn’t have to come from a gang of kids or have to build up over time to qualify. It can be a simple, hurtful act.


If you actually fear for your child’s safety, don’t hesitate to call the police. Take a proactive stance, have a conversation about cyberbullying, what it is and what it looks like.


It’s up to you to take an active interest in your child’s online activities, whether by being friends with them on social media or by just asking them about what they’re doing. Because “it takes a village” to raise a child, we need to keep an eye out for other children too. In some many ways, stamping out cyberbullying is up to all of us, collectively as parents.


Know the warning signs. Keep an eye out on moods and any worrying signals that something is wrong. Then have an open communications line already in place so that your child can talk to your without feeling pressured for information. But also resist the urge to interrogate. Sometimes a family friend or relative is in a better spot to be the go-to-person, so don’t feel hurt if your child talks to others before he or she talks to you.


If you spot a case of cyberbullying, be sure to document the bullying. Get screen captures of the text, image or site and save the emails. As part of documenting the evidence, don’t be afraid to seek professional help through a teacher or school councillor as there are many external organisations who will be able to help you.


Websites such as social networks give you the ability to report incorrect behaviour. Get to know the tools available and don’t hesitate to use them. Facebook features a “report this post, page or group” function, Twitter uses a support centre which you can report something inappropriate through and You tube allows you to “flag” video content.


Cyberbullying doesn’t always have to hit the headlines to hurt and have lasting effects. It can take more subtle forms that are still tremendously painful for a child. Parents need to be vigilant and nip it in the bud.


For more advice, download One Parent to Another -

Baby Owner’s Manual Father’s Edition by By Steve Bedwell

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Baby Owner’s Manual

Father’s Edition


A humorous operating guide for fathers-to-be, Baby Owner’s Manual is sure to bring a smile to any new dad’s face. Written by a man for men, this book likens a new baby to the other love in a man’s life: no, not his wife, his car!


This essential handbook covers everything from delivery of baby from Mother Nature Heavy Industries, regular servicing of your baby, standard equipment, the cooling system and liquid waste disposal, warning signs, even optimising economy and getting the most out of your baby. This is a must-have book for any father-to-be.


Written by Steve Bedwell, bestselling author of the 2009 hit book Holden Vs Ford, who loves his cars and could not help but write a witty gift book for fathers and their partners, Baby Owner’s Manual is a hilarious laugh-out-loud introduction to the chaotic world of parenting.


Author Biography:

Steve Bedwell is a comedy writer, television host, a radio personality, author, producer, ARIA nominated recording artist and comedian. Currently a regular panellist on Australian talkback radio, Steve is also a regular opinion panellist on Australian national TV. He is the author of Suburban Icons: A celebration of the everyday (1992), Vizard Uncut (2007) and the bestselling Holden vs Ford (2009). Steve has recently completed a successful tour of the Los Angeles comedy circuit. He is based in Melbourne.


* Release Date: August 2011 * RRP: AU$19.99 * Publisher: Rockpool Publishing *

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