A Manual for Domestic Life: What To Do About Everything by Barbara Toner

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A Manual for Domestic Life: What To Do About Everything by Barbara Toner


“There’s no longer any such thing as an average household. Domestic life is tricky. It’s miles trickier than it was when the average household contained a man and a woman who were married to each other and whose ideal family consisted of a boy and a girl, born in that order, two years apart. Back then there was no identity theft, no interactive online games, no speed dating, no easy credit leading to massive debt, and not much divorce. Smoking, butter and sugar were good for you. Life was slower and less cluttered.”


But things have changed. Our roles are increasingly multi-layered and we tend to be time, cash and energy poor. We want to be free from debt, but borrowing is critical to home-owning. We want to save the planet, but we have to be able to drive, fly and buy cheap imports.


How should we tackle our many domestic dilemmas? Here’s a book that can simplify matters.


What to Do about Everything by Barbara Toner is the ultimate manual for domestic life. It combines expert advice with personal experience as it guides us through the maze of endless challenges from how to sack a flat mate, find a decent plumber, change a tyre, avoid bankruptcy, sell a house, drink safely, get divorced and get moths out of your cashmere.


This comprehensive book will bring daily comfort to time poor, energy poor and just plain poor twenty first century householders everywhere. It covers time and space management, household relationships, having babies, balancing a diet, managing money, deciding where and how to live, home renovations, daily and weekly chores, clothes care, home repairs, grooming and healthcare, life changes (death, job loss, moving) and much more. Written in Barbara’s personable and witty style, this is a book offering tried-and-tested, friendly advice from someone who has been there, muddled through and come out the other side stronger and with her sense of humour intact.



Release date: 1st February 2011

RRP: $45.00


About the author

Barbara Toner is an Australian writer and journalist who has written extensively about family life both in books (fiction and nonfiction) and newspaper columns. Double Shift: A Practical Guide for Working Mothers, examined the challenges for women juggling motherhood and jobs in the 1970s. On a lighter note, A Mothers Guide To Life and A Mother’s Guide to Husbands drew inspiration from her long-running column on family life in the UK’s The Mail on Sunday. Its wry observations on the balance of power in modern households attracted six million readers a week. Barbara is married with three daughters. She currently divides her life between London and the south coast of New South Wales.


ABC for Kids: Let’s Go Play - Songs for Happy, Healthy Kids

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 Some of Australia’s finest musicians have collaborated to produce ABC for Kids album



ABC for Kids: Let’s Go Play - Songs for Happy, Healthy KidsLet’s Go Play - Songs for Happy, Healthy Kids introduces a new music initiative offering powerful and positive messaging across a range of social issues that face the youth of today.


This album is a collection of new and creative songs aimed at pre-schoolers and their carers and parents, covering important issues such as diet, sun safety, general anxiety strategies, road and traffic safety, cyber awareness, friendship, bullying and a range of other problematic topics that have been trending over the past ten years amongst young children and their families.


Let’s Go Play features some of Australia’s finest performers and musicians including Playschool’s Jay Laga’aia andTeo Gebert, Australian country music singer/songwriter Felicity Urquhart, Drew McAlister of McAlister Kemp fameand 2009’s ABC Music Artist of the Year Sarah Humphreys.


Written and produced by multi award winning composer Sean Peter who is currently the composer and arranger for ABC TV children’s program Giggle and Hoot, the songs have also been written in conjunction with organisations such as Kids and Traffic at Macquarie University, Victorian Department of Health, SunSmart - Cancer Council Victoria, Centre for Emotional Health, Macquarie University, Cybersmart – The Australian Communications and Media Authority and Theatre In Education Company Brainstorm Productions.


Let’s Go Play- Songs for Happy, Healthy Kids is designed to playfully raise the level of consciousness by powerfully and positively impacting the way adults and parents educate future generations.



1. Let’s Go Play

9. Everyday Food

2. Click Clack

10. Crossing The Street

3. Sun Safe

11. Brave Hearts

4. Helmet On My Head

12. No, Go Tell Someone

5. Little Steps

13. Secret Net Agents

6. Sticks and Stones

14. Magic Words

7. Buddies

15. You and Me

8. We’re Different


















ABC Music releases six new titles from the Babies Love range

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Babies Michael Jackson, The Police and Sting, U2, Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder and Phil Collins.


Babies Love is a wonderful collection of lullaby versions of great international pop/rock hits.


Have your chance to win a 2 CD pack, click HERE to enter OurKidz Competition. 

ABC Music: Babies Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, U2, Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder and , The Police and Sting

Hearing is the first human sense to come about – in the fifth month of pregnancy a baby’s ears are already well developed. Even while still in their mother’s womb, babies react to sound stimuli.


Research shows that babies, once born, recognise their mother’s voice. It is also scientifically proven that babies can recognise songs that they had heard up to three months before their birth, and that this memory remains for as long as a year afterwards.


Thanks to delicate musical arrangements, each Babies Love Collection track is an invitation to relaxation and produces a number of benefits to your baby’s emotional and cognitive development.


Through the Babies Love Collection you are now able to bring all these positive benefits to your baby, and at the same time, show your baby your favourite songs!




Track listing

Babies Love Michael Jackson

1. Heal The World

2. You Are Not Alone

3. I’ll Be There

4. Human Nature

5. Billie Jean

6. Black Or White

7. Beat It

8. Got To Be There

9. Will You Be There

10. We Are The World


Babies Love The Police And Sting

1. Don’t Stand So Close To Me

2. Every Breath You Take

3. Message In A Bottle

4. Roxanne

5. Fields Of Gold

6. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

7. Moon Over Bourbon Street

8. King Of Pain

9. Wrapped Around Your Finger

10. Englishman In New York


Babies Love Stevie Wonder

1. My Cherie Amour

2. Isn’t She Lovely

3. Overjoyed

4. Ribbon In The Sky

5. I Just Called To Say I Love You

6. Part-Time Lover

7. Never Dreamed You’d Leave In Summer

8. You Will Know

9. Free

10. Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours

Babies Love U2
1. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
2. Sunday Bloody Sunday
3. One
4. All I Want Is You
5. With Or Without You
6. 40
7. New Years Day
8. Bad
9. Van Dieman’s Land
10. Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of


Babies Love Rolling Stones
1. Let’s Spend The Night Together
2. Time Is On My Side
3. Start Me Up
4. Satisfaction
5. Angie
6. Ruby Tuesday
7. Honky Tonk Woman
8. Lady Jane
9. Love Is Strong
10. Jumping Jack Flash


Babies Love Phil Collins
1. You’ll Be In My Heart
2. Another Day In Paradise
3. True Colours
4. One More Night
5. A Groovy Kind Of Love
6. Easy Lover
7. Do You Remember
8. Against All Odds

9. In The Air Tonight
10. Take Me Home


Acclaimed Vampire App for Kids Arrives in iTunes Store for Halloween

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Acclaimed Vampire App for Kids Arrives in iTunes Store for Halloween


Young vampire fans will be delighted at the newest addition to the iTunes store: “Welcome to the Vampire's Lair...If You Dare” from digital publisher LivoBooks. This hilariously creepy app is based on the award-winning animated short “Night of the Vampire” from Buba Films. Listed as number one on the “top five kid’s apps you don’t want to miss” by Mashable, and given an Editor’s Choice Award for Excellence in Design by Children’s Technology Review, “Welcome to the Vampire's Lair...If You Dare” is a must for any kids age 8-11 who love all things spooky and silly.


This storybook app features 3D animation, stunning sound effects, and word-by-word narration in English, Portuguese and Spanish, which can be easily be translated from one language to another with the touch of a finger.


Included in the app is the full “Night of the Vampire” animated short. Enhancing the story are activities such as playing a tune with skeletons who jump out of caskets, feeding a man-eating plant, capturing scorpions before the clock runs out, make a heart beat in a jar in the Terror Laboratory and creating eerie photographs out of the user’s own image. The app is available for download in the iTunes store for the low price of $2.99, so it's easy to give as a Halloween treat!

All I Can Handle By Kim Stagliano

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[A Life Raising Three Children with Autism]


With recent studies showing that around 1 in 160 Australians suffer with autism, equating to approximately 125,000 – 80% of which are typically male, Kim Stagliano’s unusual story is sure to resonate with a widely affected audience.


All I Can Handle By Kim Stagliano: (living with autism)    

"Dr. Spock? Check. Penelope Ann Leach (remember her?)? Check. What to Expect When You're Expecting? Check. I had a seven hundred dollar Bellini crib for God's sake! I was perfect. And so was Mia when she was born . . ."


...and so begins Kim Stagliano’s electrifying and hilarious memoir of her family’s journey raising three daughters with autism. In these stories, Stagliano has joined the ranks of David Sedaris and Augusten Burroughs with her amazing ability to lay everything on the table—from family, friends, and enemies to basement floods to birthdays to (possible) heroin addictions—eviscerating and celebrating the absurd. From her love of Howard Stern to her increasing activism in the autism community and exhaustive search for treatments that will help her daughters, she covers it all.


All I Can Handle creates a visceral feel for what life is really like for the tens of thousands of autism families who face the challenges of such a diagnosis. Always outspoken, often touching, and sometimes heartbreaking, Kim Stagliano is a powerful new voice in comedic writing—her “Kimoir” (as she calls it) will be a must-read within the autism community and the literary world at large.


NB: Autism Awareness Month falls this April


RRP: AU$32.95

Release date: February 2011



About the Author
Kim Stagliano is a nationally recognized autism advocate and speaker. Although autism typically affects boys, Stagliano is in the unique position of having three daughters with full-blown autism, which has made her and her family the focus of national media attention. She is managing editor of ageofautism.com, the nation’s first daily web newspaper about the autism epidemic. She speaks at national autism conferences and has appeared on Good Morning America, ABC News, Fox News, and blogs around the world, as well as in The Chicago Tribune and The National Catholic Register.

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