Australia’s favourite SPF 30 + sunscreen range has your kids covered!

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The makers of Australia No.1 sunscreen brand, Banana Boat, has the perfect range of sunscreens for parents to keep their kids protected against the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays - Kids and Baby SPF 30+! And for those wanting a more natural formula the NEW Mineral Protect SPF 30+ is available just in time for summer.


Mineral Protect SPF30+ NEW for Summer 2011/2012 (120g $15.75 RRP).

a non-greasy, mineral sunscreen specially formulated with naturally sourced zinc to provide the protection your family needs without chemical sunscreen additives, leaving no white residue.


Baby Spray SPF 30+ (200ml $14.99 RRP).

a gentle fragrance free sunscreen formula that won’t run into eyes. Recommended for infants 6 months +, Banana Boat Baby Spray SPF 30+ provides up to 4 hours water resistant broad spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays.


Baby Roll-On SPF 30+ (Recommended for infants over six months – 75ml $9.29 RRP)

Banana Boat Baby Roll-On SPF 30+ is a mild and fragrance-free sunscreen made easier to apply using the roll-on applicator. Providing strong sun protection for a baby’s delicate skin needs with broad-spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays and up to 4 hours water-resistance.


Kids Dry Touch SPF 30+ (175ml 14.99 RRP) 

Using Dry Touch technology, Banana Boat Dry Touch Kids SPF 30+ absorbs quickly so there’s no greasy residue left on the skin. Providing up to 4 hours water resistance.


Kids Roll-On SPF 30+  (75ml $9.29 RRP)

Applying sunscreen to squirmy little toddlers is a breeze with Banana Boat Kids Roll On SPF30+ is a non-greasy, fragrance-free formula offers broad spectrum protection for up to four hours and won’t run into your little one’s eyes.


UltraMist Kids SPF 30+  (175g $14.99 RRP)

Ideal for fast and even coverage, Banana Boat UltraMist Sport SPF 30+ aerosol spray provides convenient, non-greasy protection with up to 4 hours water resistance.


Kids SPF 30+ lotion sprays (240ml Finger Spray $15.75 RRP and 240ml Trigger Spray $15.75 RRP)

Available in both a finger spray and trigger spray, Banana Boat Kids SPF 30+ lotion sprays are easy to apply and ideal for those who prefer the texture of a lotion and convenience of a spray, providing non-greasy broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection for up to 4 hours water resistant sun protection.


Kids SPF 30+ Pump Pack  ($19.99 RRP)

Specially formulated for kids’ skin, Banana Boat Kids SPF 30+ lotion offers fragrance free non-greasy high sun protection, with up to 4 hours water resistance.


Banana Boat Kids and Baby SPF 30+ sunscreen range is available from supermarkets, pharmacies, and variety stores nationally. For stockist inquiries please phone 1800 810 310.


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