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Australian holiday makers are being given the chance to enjoy some home comforts on the road with the introduction of the Britz Maverick, the newest of their fleet to the Australian market.
Unique in its field because of the permanent built-in bed at the rear, the Britz Maverick makes viewing those breathtaking Australian scenes even more spectacular, whether it’s as a family or with that special one.
Boasting more than the permanent sleeping space, General Manager of Operations Australia Damien Shaw says The Maverick gives travellers the opportunity to comfortably see the country from the inside, out, with all the comforts of home right there with them.
“I think one of the misconceptions with road travel is that the luxuries of home have to be left behind. What’s unique about the Britz range of vehicles, and in particular The Maverick, is that travelers can take those comforting elements on the road with them.
“Not only is it the permanent rear bed that makes this 4-berther exceptional, but the other  homely elements like the spacious bathroom, kitchen complete with 90litre fridge, and the comfortable and modern living area,” Shaw adds.
With other comforting features ranging from an easy to set up dinette to a 19” LCD TV/DVD, The Maverick offers an array of not-so-sunny day entertainment along with effortless fuel efficiency “with its 3litre Turbo diesel engine and 6 gear sequential automatic gear box, ensuring that performance and driving pleasure are at an all time high,” says Shaw.
Built on a Fiat Chassis, this Maverick leaves no road untraveled when introducing the perfect vehicle for Australian holiday-makers looking for a relaxing, and hassle-free experience.
Available for bookings now at all branches, the Maverick will be setting off on its first Aussie adventure from the 4th April.
For more information or to book The Maverick, or extended range of Britz vehicles, visitwww.britz.com.au or call 1800 331 454

A splash of colour in the home can lift Aussie spirits lift

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Aussie spirits lifted with a splash of colour in the home


While more than nine in ten (93%) Aussies feel happier when surrounded by bright colours, 80% of people wished they were braver when applying bright colours to their home.


The results of the CHUX Colour Index, into the use of colour throughout the home, mark the launch of CHUX Collections™, a range of brightly coloured cloths and sponge-scourers inspired by the trend of colour matching kitchen appliances and home wares.


“Those lacking the confidence to add colour to their space are missing out on the many well documented health and wellbeing implications of colour. The inclusion of vibrant hues can enrich life within the home and change attitudes.” says CHUX Collections ambassador and renowned colour consultant, Chris Brazel.


“The uncertainty of many when it comes to colour in the home can be easily overcome with CHUX Collections pieces and, unlike many larger home appliances like coffee machines, mixers and toasters, are easy and inexpensive ways to experiment with colour. At one end of the spectrum, the blue CHUX Collections pieces bring tranquillity and healing, while the purple pieces promote strength and belief,” Brazel goes on to say.


Eighty five per cent of respondents in the CHUX Colour Index state that household chores can be made more pleasant by working with a vibrant palate, and 79 per cent acknowledge experiencing positive emotions when surrounded by bright colours.


Chris Brazel is a firm advocate of cleaning with colour. “Routine chores can become quite lacklustre, however if you involve colour that invigorates or promotes happiness you are sure to refresh your attitude on a particular activity.”


The survey also highlights consumer demands for colour choice:

·         89% of Australians have gone to another retailer because their preferred colour wasn’t available.

·         63% of Australians have purchased an additional item to collect a colour set.


Adding colour is a simple step towards creating positive change in your life, believes 90% of respondents in the CHUX Colour Index. And while less than one in three (32%) find bright colours the easiest hues to use, the vast majority (93%) would be willing to add more bright colours to their home.


To help Aussies add more colour to their life, Brazel has compiled five top tips for CHUX:


1.    Whenever you need a little clarity about life, give the windows a clean with a purple cloth.

2.    Blue soap in the bathroom is a great way to create flow & open communication in your life.

3.    To draw positive energy into your home, clean the front door where energy enters – then place a red or green mat down.

4.    Add red to your kitchen to give a feeling of confidence and focus.

5.    To boost love in the bedroom add some fuchsia pink or lime green.


Available now in Coles and IGA stores, CHUX Collections™ consists of three products; Multi-Purpose Absorbent Cloth (2pk), Multi-Purpose Microfibre Cloth (1pk), and Non Scratch Scourer Scrubs (2pk), each pack available in purple, blue, red or green.


To support the launch CHUX is urging Aussies to jump onto  www.facebook.com/CHUXproducts from 3rd September 2012 and enter the “Refresh with Colour” competition. Facebook fans across the country will have the chance to nominate a local community area or a friend they feel would benefit from a colour refresh, for the chance to win prizes for themselves and their nominee.

New release: C'mon kids, no excuses!

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C'mon kids, no excuses!

Wouldn't it be great if children could learn at an early age how to eliminate excuses from their lives?


  • They would be more EMPOWERED
  • And UNSTOPPABLE in striving for their dreams!
C'mon No Excuse Book


In his latest children's book, Dr Wayne W. Dyer teaches kids all about excuses—what they are, where they come from and how to stop them.



Once children see how often they use excuses and how excuses prevent them from reaching their goals, they can start to change these habits and be free from self-limiting thoughts.
In this book, children will learn:
Where excuses come from
Why people make excuses
How to stop making excuses and reach their full potential!
No Excuses! How What You Say Can Get In Your Way
by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
RRP $19.95 ISBN: 9781401925833




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First-time Aussie mums are soon to get an online helping hand when it comes to all things “boob and bottle”, with the launch of breastmates Australia in early September.


A cyber saviour for new mums with questions about what is still often a grey area of motherhood, breastmates was started by mother Frances McInnes who found a gap in the market through her own experience with motherhood.


“My light bulb moment came when my son was 6 months old,” she explains. “I went to a local baby shop to inquire about breastpumps, but left even more confused than when I went in. I realized there was lack of information available for mothers with questions, and so breastmates was born.”


breastmates.com.au has a simple core focus on feeding, whether that’s breastfeeding or bottle, including providing product profiles, expertise and support for mothers. Also offering a lactation consultant who provides free advice, and a community of thousands of real mothers, the breastmates site sits apart from others through a genuine concern for mothers first, and product sales viewed as a distant second.


“A mother asking questions needs answers,” says Frances. “She’s tried everything else, she needs a solution and to know that she’s not alone. We’ve also seen mothers put under a lot of pressure, so we want to provide a clear balance of boob and bottle.”


After 6 years of growing the business via a New Zealand url, Frances is launching the Australian site due to customer demand.


“The concept for supporting mothers and being more than just a retail store has meant that Australian customers were always approaching the NZ site with simple concerns and product queries,” she says. “breastmates started from listening to what mothers needed, and that’s now what has prompted the expansion into Australia.”


And with 24 hour online advice and shopping available, 3-day tracked delivery, GST free prices and the favourable exchange rate, it’s no wonder Aussie mums will continue to embrace their very own online breast mate.


iWorld releases New iPhone 5 Products for Aussie teens

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Four exciting new products for Apple (and Android) devices - The Zeo Sleep Manager,Bluetooth RC Porsche & Ferrari, theCandyShell Casefor iPhone 5 and the Kraken Case for iPhone 5 have been released and are distributed exclusively by iWorld Australia.


Joint OurKidz Competitions, you can have the chance to win a Kraken Case for iPhone 5.

Zeo Sleep Manager

Target Audience 16+
Release Date Available now
Purchase From Harvey Norman, David Jones, Apple Resellers and www.iworldaustralia.com.au
RRP $149.95
Product snapshot Electronically measures and analyses sleep patterns and sleep quality, with data sent directly to the user's iPhone or Android.

Zeo Sleep Manager is where sleep clinic meets smart phone, tracking sleep patterns with scientific accuracy.

By wearing the comfortable Zeo Sleep Manager bluetooth headband overnight, the user is provided with detailed sleep data that is sent directly to their smart phone. Sophisticated technology determines the duration of sleep, quality of sleep and provides unique feedback on the specific sleep stages (REM, light and deep sleep) that were experienced during the night.

The SmartWake alarm feature gently wakes the user at the optimal point during the sleep cycle to ensure a refreshing and satisfying sleep.


Bluetooth Remote Control Ferrari and Porsche

Target Audience All ages
Release Date Available now
Purchase From Myer, David Jones, JB Hi-Fi, Apple Resellers and www.iworldaustralia.com.au
RRP $89.95
Product snapshot Use your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android device to control a model Enzo Ferrari or a Porsche 911 Carrera

Experience remote control racing like never before! Use your iPhone, iPod, iPad or Android device to drive an authentic, bluetooth controlled model of an Enzo Ferrari or a Porsche 911 Carrera.

Intuitive, variable controls offer the ability to speed up, speed down, indicate signal lights and light up the dark with head and tail lights. Feature-packed software provides users with a customised on-screen dashboard that achieves a dramatic likeness to the real thing!

If you can't afford that dream car - take one of these for a spin instead!


Speck CandyShell case range for iPhone 5

Target AudienceAll ages
Release DateAvailable now
Purchase From Myer, David Jones, Harvey Norman, Apple Resellers,
All Phones andwww.iworldaustralia.com.au
Product snapshotFashion-focussed, durable case range for iPhone 5

Form and function. Your iPhone perfectly mixes the fundamental ingredients of good design. Why shouldn't your iPhone case?

With the patented CandyShell, you get rest-easy protection, the versatility of our unique, hard-outer-shell-yet-soft-inner-lining construction and a complete range of patterns and colours. Swaddle your baby in the pliable, form-fitting inner lining - it'll absorb those "accidental" drops.

Built for long-term protection, the glossy outer shell will safeguard your iPhone against scratches and impacts—and makes it easy to slide in and out of your pocket.


Target Audience All ages
Release DateAvailable now
Purchase FromApple Resellers, David Jones, All Phones and www.iworldaustralia.com.au
Product snapshotHeavy-duty iPhone 5 case

Trident, one of the world's most dependable smartphone accessory brands have launched their latest design - the Kraken case range for iPhone 5.

Scientifically designed to protect devices from physical and elemental damage, the Kraken case is made from super durable polycarbonate and shock absorbing silicone. Featuring dust filters that shield the microphone and external jacks, the Kraken is the most durable case for your precious new iPhone 5.

The series is designed to adapt to any activity, with interchangeable accessories to take the iPhone from rugged to casual.

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