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Kids online game migrates from virtual world to the real world! -

SYDNEY – June 25th 2010 – Mind Candy, the global developer and publisher of the popular children’s online game, Moshi Monsters, has signed a master toy licensing deal with Vivid Imaginations, the UK's number one independent toy and gift product developer.

Vivid, which also works with such brands as Crayola, Timmy Time and Disney’s Toy Story and Winnie The Pooh, will launch the Moshi Monster-branded toys across the UK, North America, Australia and New Zealand from January 2011. The initial toy line will comprise of miniature collectables and plush soft toys, with other lines in development. Vivid will support the brand with extensive TV advertising, online marketing, PR and a fully integrated promotional plan leveraging the loyal Moshi Monsters fan-base.

Moshi Monsters has become an online phenomenon in the past 12 months attracting over 20 million players across 150 countries. The game is free-to-play and allows children of all ages around the world to adopt their own pet monster, customise their homes, play games, explore the virtual world and solve educational style puzzles. With the site currently adding over 2 million new registered users each month, Moshi Monsters has become one of the world’s fastest growing children’s entertainment properties.

“Vivid is very excited to be launching Moshi Monsters into toy retailers in the coming months,” stated Paul Weston, CEO, at Vivid. “This is clearly one of the hottest emerging kids properties in the world and it lends itself perfectly to toys and games. We clearly believe Moshi Monsters has many key traits for toy success - collectability, customisation and emotional appeal. Any brand that has a 20 million player-base has a phenomenal head-start in today’s crowded toy market.”

Michael Acton Smith, CEO, at Mind Candy commented: “This partnership represents a huge next step for Moshi Monsters in the global growth of the brand.”

In Moshi Monsters, players navigate the immersive online world by solving puzzles that test a variety of skills including basic math, spatial awareness, logic and vocabulary. As players solve puzzles, they earn Rox, the in-game currency that can be used to purchase food, furniture and seeds to attract Moshlings for their monsters.

Moshi Monsters is one of the world’s fastest growing social online games for children. To create your free Moshi Monster and enter a world of fun and puzzles, visit

Brand New Plush Toys from The WotWots

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Get Cuddly With SpottyWot and DottyWot

Get Cuddly With SpottyWot and DottyWotPreschoolers won’t be able to resist the brand new cuddly toy range from the world famous children’s series, The WotWots seen regularly on ABC4Kids in Australia and TVNZ in New Zealand. Exclusively available online for a limited time, the super soft and cute SpottyWot and DottyWot 12” plush toys are the perfect way to get cuddly with the alien siblings.


Beautifully presented in eco-friendly and reusable packaging in keeping with the environmentally rich values of The WotWots, the bright and vibrant plush toys have been created especially to meet the demand from parents and preschoolers worldwide.


Sold separately and suitable for ages newborn and upwards, the toys are available at the click of a mouse at online shopping destination, for $24.95 NZD and can be shipped worldwide.


The WotWots is an enchanting pre-school series that follows the adventures of two adorable siblings from outer space, SpottyWot and DottyWot. This delightful pair of enquiring minds have come to Earth to explore and to marvel at the extraordinary diversity of life on the blue planet. The show celebrates this joy of discovery and demonstrates the positive values that are the building blocks of a true and enduring friendship.


Season one of the internationally successful television series sees SpottyWot and DottyWot come to explore planet earth in their steam-powered spaceship and arrive in the middle of a zoo. In season two, the alien siblings land on a farm and meet strange and friendly farm animals and also travel to the seashore. Encouraging the love of animals, the season celebrates the joy of discovery and the extraordinary diversity of life on the planet.


The vibrant, energetic and colourful learning-based series from Pukeko Pictures is seen on regularly on ABC4Kids and TVNZ.




The Pregnancy Passport

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Travel Insurance Direct offers safe travel tips for expecting mums


From luxurious spa resorts to remote hideaways, there is no shortage of suitable destinations for expecting mums looking for some ‘me time’ before it becomes ‘we time’.


The key, according to Travel Insurance Direct, is to choose a destination which allows for lots of rest and relaxation, whilst catering to your bump’s needs. When it comes to taking your Babymoon, it’s important to keep the following safe, travel advice top of mind.


When choosing a holiday or weekend break, Travel Insurance Direct safety expert Phil Sylvester recommends leaving high-energy, physically-demanding and adventurous holidays for another time. For most, a babymoon is about rest and relaxation, with lots of yoga, walking and swimming or just lazing on the beach with a good read. A lot of women also like to visit resorts where they can indulge in relaxing treatments like prenatal massage.


It is essential to choose a country that is low risk for diseases and one which does not require immunisations or preventative treatments such as malaria tablets. Many immunisations are not suitable for pregnant women so women are advised to check with a doctor before booking flights to any country that requires vaccinations.


“Some of the most popular destinations we are seeing for babymoon vacations are Hawaii, the Cook Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji and Noumea. With minimal flight times and plenty of relaxation on offer, it can be the perfect couples escape,” according to Phil.


“We usually recommend expecting couples avoid South-east Asian destinations such as Bali and Thailand where the dreaded ‘Bali Belly’ can be a serious medical threat for pregnant women.”


Top 5 Babymoon Travel Tips from Travel Insurance Direct


1. Travel in your second trimester

Though every pregnancy is different, for most women, the second trimester is the most pleasant time to travel as their nausea has generally subsided and their bump is still small enough to move around comfortably. That doesn't mean women can't travel during the rest of their pregnancy, but it is essential to check any travel plans with a doctor and ensure the airline and travel insurance policy will cover you at this stage of the pregnancy.


2. Keep a medical file on hand

It’s a good idea to carry maternity notes, just in case you need to be admitted to hospital. Some airlines also require a doctor's certificate from pregnant passengers, so check with your airline when booking.


3. Ensure you have valid travel insurance

Purchasing travel insurance is important on any overseas vacation, but even more so for expecting women. Travel Insurance will cover medical expenses if you are sick or injured and if you need to be repatriated home. Most policies will also cover the cancellation of prepaid travel and accommodation before you travel, if you are unexpectedly ill and a doctor recommends you should not fly.


Travel Insurance Direct offers cover for women who have a single, uncomplicated pregnancy (not the result of fertility treatment) up to the end of their 26th week. However, a policy with Travel Insurance Direct will not cover costs of a birth abroad so make sure you are home in plenty of time.


“We always recommend checking in with your doctor before booking any holiday to ensure you are safe to travel,” says Phil Sylvester from Travel Insurance Direct, Australia’s leading online travel insurance provider.


4. Eat smart

It is important to stay smart about what you eat and drink on your babymoon. While many island destinations are very safe, common sense goes a long way. Use bottled water even if you are in an area where it’s safe to drink from the tap – sometimes your body can take time to get used to the local water and may be more sensitive to different bacteria.


Avoid eating food that could have been washed in tap water like salad or fruit that you can’t peel. Also, if choosing to eat seafood, check that it has been properly refrigerated and is fresh that day. Do not eat seafood that has been laid out on ice all day.


5. Fly safe

Many airlines will be more than happy to accommodate pregnant travellers. Be sure to let them know that you are pregnant so they can check their in-flight meal service is safe (ie: no soft cheeses). You should also bring your own snacks just in case. When flying it is also best to stay seated as much as possible so unexpected turbulence doesn't knock you off your feet, however regular stretching is important, so follow the in-seat airline advice and move when it is safe to do so. Finally, request an aisle seat near the bathrooms when booking your airline ticket to ensure regular toilet trips can be made with ease.

Book release: Numerology for Your Family

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Numerology for Your Family - WHAT’S IN A NAME?
The most common question a parent-to-be asks – what shall we name our baby?
Book release: Numberology For Young Family - baby and childrens names

How about Jake? Hmmmm. It rhymes with snake and fake.

What about Fred then? That rhymes with lead and head. Oh and don’t forget dead.

Can’t decide on a name for your child?

Your child’s name and the questions that surround how they’re growing up are the two main concerns by parents in having babies and raising them!


Introducing the must-have, one-of-a-kind parenting manual: Numerology for Your Family.

Numerology for Your Family shows parents how to use the

energies and vibrations of numbers to better understand their children, with specific tools to help give children the right name.


Straight forward and really easy to understand, Numerology for Your Family, is for both new comers to Numerology and for those ready to take the next step.


Highly respected and known as one of Australia’s leading numerologists, RoseMaree Templeton draws upon her own research to provide a practical and interesting book for parents who want to use numerology to help understand their children better.


The book is available now through and all good book stores.


Oricom’s new digital baby monitor with colour LCD

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At last a real video baby monitor. Oricom’s new Secure 700 digital baby unit comes with an infrared camera and monitor, so you can see your child.


The Secure 700 uses digital technology to ensure optimum long range clarity with maximum security.


With a room temperature sensor, five soothing lullabies and adjustable night light, this wall mountable camera virtuallyplaces you in the nursery while you make the most of sleep time.


The 2.4” colour LCD display not only has a sound sensitive light display with adjustable volume, it also has a talk back function with adjustable microphone so you can lull your little one from afar.


Along with been able to watch baby and monitor the room the temperature the Secure 700 comes with a both charging cradle and belt clip.


“Because we are experts in communication technologies, we pride ourselves on being able to providefamilies with the best choice in safe monitoring equipment”, explains Oricom’s Managing Director Kevin McDonnell. “The Secure 700 not only employs state of the art technology it is robust and instinctive to use.”


The Secure 700 will retail for $249 and be available through premium baby stores.


For more details visit:


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