First Alcohol-Free Schoolies trip sells out

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Booze-free holiday packages may become the new norm for today’s Schoolies


Illustrating an enormous generational shift in what today’s school-leavers now look for in their rite of passage – Schoolies – Unleashed Travel has experienced unprecedented demand for its first ever alcohol-free holiday package, with their trip to Hideaway Island selling out in less than two months.


As Australia’s leading provider of overseas school-leaver experiences, Unleashed Travel created its first alcohol-free holiday package after listening to demands from both students and parents for new luxury based holidays complete with recreational activities, parties, music and DJs, but free from alcohol.


Following this year’s overwhelming response, Unleashed Travel is currently looking for an additional luxury location to accompany Hideaway Island, anticipating demand in 2014 to be even stronger. “Alcohol-free is here to stay and, if 2013 is anything to go by, we will again experience triple-digit growth in 2014. We’ve already had maximum bookings and many more enquiries for our alcohol-free packages, even though we’re one year out of next year’s celebrations.”


Hideaway Island is strictly controlled to ensure Schoolies preferences for an alcohol-free experience are maintained. The destination was carefully chosen by Unleashed Travel, for its separation from mainland Vanuatu and the opportunity to designate the entire island as “Schoolies Only”. Located a five minute boat ride from any other resort or facility, both supplies and guests coming onto the island can be strictly monitored and controlled.


As with all Unleashed Travel packages, the trip is chaperoned by the Unleashed Travel crew made up of supervising staff, security personnel and Schoolies safety advocates, the Red Frogs. Each trip is also managed by a ratio of one Unleashed Travel staff member to every seven students, with staff on call around the clock.


The all-inclusive Hideaway Island Schoolies package featured a range of accommodation options including luxurious two-bedroom villas with private pools, one-bedroom bungalows and twin or quad-share rooms. Packages started at $1,399 per person.

AAPT offers no-limit ADSL2+ broadband service to communities

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Sydney, 15 February 2010 – “We’ve done it,” AAPT’s Chief Executive Paul Broad said today as he officially launched the telco’s latest product: 24/7 Unlimited Broadband.
“Consumers can now download whatever they want, whenever they want, without having to monitor their usage. Importantly, they’ll have total certainty of their broadband spend without the worry of additional monthly charges or throttling,” he said.
“AAPT has committed to unlocking broadband restraints for the past year and what we’re now launching will change the broadband telco landscape in this country.
“This is a milestone day for Australia as AAPT’s benchmark decision will force our major competitors to do the same thing. All Australians will benefit from AAPT leading the way with unlimited broadband,” he said.
And its gets better: in another first, AAPT has announced a unique music streaming and download deal with record label EMI Music.
The service – unlimited broadband and home phone line rental bundled with a music subscription - is unique in Australia and offers incredible value for money while appealing to a wide spectrum of music lovers.
24/7 Unlimited Broadband also includes home phone line rental, $50 of music downloads per month with access to up to a million songs and unlimited music streaming for just $99.95 per month on a 24-month contract. Existing AAPT broadband customers can add the EMI download deal to their current plans for $17.99 per month.*
“AAPT has formed the partnership with EMI to offer music downloads as part of the package because we believe in supporting the music industry and paying artists for their material. It’s that simple,” Paul Broad said.
“As consumers, we all have a moral responsibility to ensure recording artists receive the royalties they rightly deserve and by offering our Entertainment Bundle we’re encouraging Australians to do the right thing.
“We were first to market with 2am-8am Unlimited; then 8pm – 8am Unlimited; and now 24/7 Unlimited Broadband downloads plus music streaming.
AAPT’s Unlimited 24/7 Broadband and Music Bundle is available from February 15 2010.
24/7 Unlimited Broadband: Residential use AAPT ADSL2+ coverage areas. 24/7 broadband with no caps, no throttling, home phone line rental (call costs extra) plus $50 of music downloads p/mth and access to up to 1 million songs with unlimited music streaming, all for $99.95 p/mth ADSL2+ on a 24-mth contract. Total minimum cost over 24 months $2398.80. Music pack (without 24/7 broadband) will be available as an add-on to any AAPT Broadband product or Bundle of AAPT for $17.99 per month on a 12-mth contract, available to new and existing customers. Total minimum cost over 12 months is 215.88.


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Designer babycare range, MAM, continues to lead the way in contemporary and unique designs with the launch of the limited edition Dreamtime collection available in soothers and bottles.


The Dreamtime collection features bold swirls and tasteful dot patterns in a range of colours including Pacific Blue, Lime Green and Quartz Rosé. As with all MAM products, the collection is completely free of Bisphenol A.


MAM soothers have been developed in close collaboration with designers and orthodontists to meet the highest standards and ensure maximum comfort for babies of all ages. Thanks to their smart design, MAM soothers are anatomically correct to always sit in baby’s mouth perfectly and allow healthy jaw and teeth development.


The MAM Dreamtime soothers are available in both 0-4 months and 4-24 months:
  • MAM Dreamtime Pearl Nature & Raspberry MAM Silk Teat® - $9.99
  • MAM Dreamtime Pearl Lime Green & Tropical Orange MAM Silk Teat® - $9.99
  • MAM Dreamtime Pearl Arctic & Pacific Blue MAM Silk Teat® - $9.99


Thanks to the MAM Dreamtime range, baby drinking bottles are now both functional and fashionable. The bottles feature a silicone Silk Teat™ that is so soft it makes the transition from breastfeeding to bottle simple. Each bottle also displays a detailed scale so exact measurements are easily achieved.


The MAM Dreamtime Bottles are available in either 2+ or 6+ months and in either Pacific Blue or Quartz Rose:
  • MAM Baby Bottle – 270ml – RRP $ 7.99
  • MAM Hold Me Bottle - 270ml – RRP $7.99
The Dreamtime Collection is available from 25th October 2010 to January 2011 at selected Target, BIG W and Toys R Us locations plus independent baby stores and pharmacies.
For more information visit or

Refreshed Lemon Myrtle products refreshes the little ones

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Australia is a continent renowned for remarkable essential oils - Eucalyptus and Tea Tree oils are primary examples. However, there has been another, somewhat sleepier, native Australian essential oil which, after ten years of exciting development, is now ready to join those ranks - Australia’s indigenous Lemon Myrtle - it's the new Tea Tree .... just smells delicious!.


This incredible essential oil is steamed distilled from the leaves of the native Australian Lemon Myrtle tree indigenous to the subtropical rainforestsurrounding Byron Bay, the easternmost tip of Australia. Naturally foundnowhere else in the world, the plant is now grown commercially in ecofriendly plantations in the Byron Bay hinterland. The leaves of the Lemon Myrtle tree produce a vibrant essential oil with an invigorating lemony aroma and powerful anti-microbial activity.


When Byron Bay company Refreshed began a search of the Australian landscape to find a natural ingredient that could not only benefit your wellbeing, but was refreshingly appealing, Lemon Myrtle fitted the brief perfectly. The use of this incredible oil as the leading key ingredient for the Refreshed Lemon Myrtle range of natural personal care products is the dynamic result.


Drawing from the extraordinary properties of Lemon Myrtle essential oil, Refreshed Lemon Myrtle is committed to producing the highest quality skin care, body and lifestyle products that are all natural and authentic, effective and appealing to people from all walks of life and ages.


Pioneering with a genuine Australian rainforest essential oil, Refreshed has created a product range that will help you feel and look good, is ideal for sensitive skin, delivers effective results and most importantly, is safe for ALL the family (pets included) to use!


All Refreshed products are free from: harmful petrochemicals, sodium lauryl sulphate, parabens, DEA, mineral oils, artificial fragrances or colours, animal ingredients and animal testing.


ALL Refreshed Lemon Myrtle products are available through your local stockist or online at

Why should kids have all the fun?!

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Why should kids have all the fun?!


Why should kids have all the fun?!Introducing the new Crisp Big Scooter for adults. That’s right, for adults! Kids have been enjoying scooters for years and now adults can get in on the fun with this larger size scooter.


The Crisp Big Scooter is perfect for parents that normally walk their kids to school or child care. No longer will parents struggle to keep up with their scooting children; they can now scoot along beside them. Kids will think it’s great fun to have mum or dad join them!


This great quality, Australian designed scooter has a wide alloy deck which is set quite low, making it easy to ride on. The handlebar height is adjustable so riders can set them to a height that is comfortable. The Crisp Big Scooter has 200mm cast PU wheels for a smooth ride and even has a drink bottle holder attached to it.


The Crisp Big Scooter can be folded to easily fit in a car. Use it to ride to your local shops or parks. It’s great exercise and loads of fun.


It retails for $220 from various bike and skate stores. Go to for more info.

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