Nathaniel Oliveri InConcert @ Camden Library

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Twenty year old Camden local, Nathaniel Oliveri will be performing both classic and original pieces at Camden Library on Saturday 27 February 2010 as part of the libraries InConcert Series.
Nathaniel is a talented guitarist whose love for music began eight years ago when he first picked up a guitar and fell in love with the sound it made at the touch of his fingertips. Since then he’s had the privilege to learn and play with the renowned Peter Pik, performed a multitude of gigs, gone on to win competitions such as Star Search, supported bands like the Angels and just recently had the pleasure of performing on live radio.

His musical repertoire encompasses styles like country, rock, pop, classical, and jazz. He plays solo acoustic guitar around Australia and launched his EP in 2008 with a CD due for release at the end of this year.

And to add to all that, Nathaniel is studying at the Australian Film Television and Radio School.
Born and raised in Camden, Nathan attributes the change in his music life to a performance at Camden’s own Civic Centre. “I remember when I saw Tommy Emmanuel in concert at Camden Civic Centre. It blew my mind. From that day I’ve inspired towards acoustic guitar picking and writing original finger style pieces.”
Concerts are free and no bookings are required. For more information call Camden Library on 02 4654 7951. For more information on Nathaniel, visit his blog at

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Kids dental care at Halloween

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TO MOST PEOPLE Halloween is a time of ghosts, witches and ghouls, but this year the UK’s leading dental health charity reminds parents how traditions such as trick or treating can increase risks of damage to their children’s teeth.
After an evening of trick or treating, children are likely to return home with a goody bag full of sweets and sugary foods. Although this is exciting for children, parents need to be aware of the risk of tooth decay.
The British Dental Health Foundation’s Chief Executive, Dr Nigel Carter, explains that it is better for children to eat sugary foods all together, rather than to spread eating them out over a few hours.
“We want children to enjoy themselves at Halloween. The trick is to find a middle ground – not to gorge on sweets for hours.”
Dr Carter said: “It’s OK to have the odd sugary treat on a special occasion as long as children keep up their regular dental health routine. On a daily basis, it is important that children have a healthy balanced diet, with five portions of fruit and vegetables. This combined with a good dental cleaning routine with fluoride toothpaste will help protect the teeth against conditions such as tooth decay and gum disease.”
Dr Carter added: “Each time a sugary food or drink is consumed the sugar reacts with the bacteria in plaque (the sticky coating on the teeth) and produces harmful acids. These acids attack the teeth and dissolve the protective enamel coating on the teeth, which  after many such attacks can lead to a cavity (a hole) forming in the tooth and eventually a need for a filling or extraction – something every parent would want their child to avoid.
“The key thing for parents to remember is that it is how often sugar is consumed, rather than how much sugar, which affects the chance of decay. It takes the saliva in the mouth up to an hour to neutralise the acid. This means every time sugary foods or drinks are consumed, the teeth are under attack for an hour. If children are constantly snacking on sweet foods, their teeth never have a chance to recover completely.”
For this reason, parents are advised to limit their children’s sugar intake to three meals and two snacks a day. When possible sweet treats should be eaten at mealtimes, during meals extra saliva is produced and this can help rinse away extra sugars and bacteria.
Substituting sweets for crisps or other carbohydrate snacks won’t stop the risk of cavities either. These can also create an acid environment in the mouth and lead to cavities. Instead, parents can give out healthy snacks such as fruit or breadsticks or even small toys to ‘Trick or Treaters’.
The Foundation suggests offering sugar-free sweets and avoiding giving out sticky, sweets such as toffee that stick to the teeth and give the bacteria a longer time in which to attack.
Source: The British Dental Health Foundation

High School Friends Win Trop Jr Film Fest

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 High school students won Trop Jr (short film by kids)
Fifteen year old filmmakers Max Barden and Tim Sheehan have won Trop Jr – the world’s largest short film festival, for kids by kids - with their short “Let’s Make a Movie”.
The high school friends from Kew in Victoria made the film in just two days with a $20 budget.  Both filmmakers starred in the comedy about the difficulties in picking a genre for a Trop Jr film. They started their careers early making short film for a school project, before teaming up to make their winning entry - “Let’s Make a Movie”.
Emily O’Connell from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, also fifteen; and eleven year old Yianni Rowlands from Preston Victoria took home the runner up prizes for their films – “The Cascades” and “I Think You Stink Show” respectively.
“The Cascades” was filmed in the bush - Garigal National Park - a good 45 minutes walk from the filmmaker’s home.  It was shot over seven days, with no budget. The film deals with a girl trying to come to terms with the death of her best friend. 
“The I Think You Stink” is a claymation talent show, filmed entirely on one shelf of the filmmakers bookcase.  The filmmaker overcame 30 degree days by taking his characters on frequent trips to the fridge to stop them melting,.  He produced the film on a budget of $150.
Fourteen year old Harri Gilbert from Sydney’s North Shore won Trop Jr’s exciting new Onitsuka Tiger Prize for a touching film made on a budget of just $40. Gilbert used animation overlayed onto real footage and a touching score to tell the story of a friendship lost but not forgotten.
Winning team - Barden and Sheehan won a huge cash prize of $2,500 from Trop Jr’s new major partner LOL 99% fizzy fruit juice, a digital video camera, and an ABC3 educational filmmaking experience.  They also get $1,000 worth of short courses through the Australian Film Television and Radio School.
The Trop Jr runners up walked away with $1,000 worth of Onitsuka Tiger products, and $750 in equipment hire and post production facilities at Metro Screen, Sydney.
Onitsuka Tiger Prize winner - Gilbert will be mentored by a past Tropfest finalist who will help him create a commissioned short film inspired by the Onitsuka Tiger brand, as well as taking home a stack of great apparel.
Over 5,000 young film fans and their families rolled out picnic blankets in the Domain to enjoy a beautiful day of sunshine and the 13 finalist films on the Tropfest big screen, with Trop Jr hosts Yumi Stynes and Scott Tweedie.
Screenings were also held in Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and Surfer’s Paradise.
Jordan Rodrigues, Xenia Goodwin, Tim Pocock (Dance Academy), Simeon Bain (2011 Trop Jr winner) and Morgana Davies (Actress, The Hunter) voted for the winning films.

A special hip hop demonstration by Dance Academy’s Rodrigues as well as free samples, instant photography, iPad games and a mountain of prizes kept smiles on lots of tiny faces throughout the day.


JUMP was announced as the Tropfest Signature Item for 2013’s Trop Jr Competition, and organisers expect many among the gathered crowds will take up the challenge next year.

Airbus’ ‘Fly Your Ideas’ challenge brings innovation to campus

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Prize winners will get a week of learning with top Airbus innovators and €30,000
Airbus’ Fly Your Ideas – a UNESCO-backed biennial competition – is challenging students worldwide to develop new ideas for a more sustainable aviation industry. This year, victory will mean not only a €30,000 cash prize; the successful team will also welcome experts from Airbus’ Innovation Cell[1]* onto their campus for a week of learning on what it takes to become a true aviation innovator.
Innovation is at the core of Airbus’ vision for the future of aviation. This competition enables Airbus to interact with universities across the globe and students of all disciplines, sharing insight on how the industry leader is developing new technologies for the more sustainable aviation that future travellers are looking for.
“We are looking to engage and interact with the next wave of talents who share our vision for a more sustainable future aviation industry,” said Charles Champion, Executive Vice President Engineering Airbus and Fly Your Ideas patron. “We hope to stimulate ideas and international exchange within the global student and academic community to inspire the next generation of innovators.”
This year all rights to designs and creations from the teams will belong to their developers, giving them the opportunity to decide what to do should they want to progress their ideas further.
Global enthusiasm for Fly Your Ideas continues to grow, with 111 teams from 55 countries already registered to participate in the 2013 edition – and over two months still to go until the deadline closes for entries.
Teams hoping to make the selection for the next stage must submit their idea through the competition website by 7 December 2012.
Fly Your Ideas is part of the aircraft manufacturer’s pioneering initiative ‘Future by Airbus’, a vision of sustainable air travel for 2050 and beyond.
This year the topics for the competition are: "Energy”; "Efficiency”; "Affordable Growth”; "Traffic Growth”; "Passenger Experience” and "Community Friendliness.” These have been identified by Airbus as the six key challenges of the 21st century for a sustainable aviation industry.
1 Innovation cell: organisation created in 2010 in Airbus with the goal of discovering and realizing game-changing innovations beyond current products and services for the benefit of all Airbus stakeholders.
More details on themes and on the competition on:
Competition Calendar 
  • Registration Closes  - 30 November 2012
  • Round One - 3 September 2012 - 7 December 2012 (One page proposal)
  • Round Two - January 2013 - April 2013 (up to 100 teams chosen to deliver a 5000 word report and a short video)
  • Round Three - May 2013 - June 2013 (5 teams chosen to present to a jury of Airbus and industry experts)
  • Final presentation and awards –  June 2013
About Fly Your Ideas 2011 
  • 2,260 students from 75 countries, 84 teams selected for Round 2, and 5 finalists selected
  • WINNERS 2011: China - China’s Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics won with their ground-based wind power generation system that exploits the wakes of aircraft during take-off and landing. Xinyuan Zheng, spokesperson for the team, said: “To participate in the 2011 Airbus Fly Your Ideas challenge was a great experience for us and we were very proud to win.”
  • WINNERS 2009: Australia - The multinational team ‘Coz’ from the University of Queensland, Australia, were awarded the winning prize in June 2009. Their project focused on the use of a pioneering natural fibre composite - made from castor plants - in aircraft cabins.

[1] Innovation cell: organisation created in 2010 in Airbus with the goal of discovering and realizing game-changing innovations beyond current products and services for the benefit of all Airbus stakeholders.


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18 August 2009

Senator Kim Carr, Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, today congratulated students from across Australia who gained perfect scores in the Rio Tinto Big Science Competition.


The competition involved approximately 40,000 students from Years 7-12 Australia-wide, with 160 scoring 100 per cent. Fifty-five of those students from Year 10 attended an event in Canberra where they were presented with their certificates.


"To our winners, congratulations on your perfect scores – what a fantastic achievement," SenatorCarr said at the presentation ceremony.


"You clearly have a gift and a passion for science and I hope you will stick with it at high school, university and beyond.


"Australia also has some impressive achievements in science to its credit. We boast ten Nobel Prizes in the field.


"Yet despite our record, Australia is battling a chronic shortage of scientists. We need scientific superstars like you to help fill the gap.


"The Rudd Government is investing $1.1 billion in a new Super Science package which will help ensure that those of you who pursue a career in science have access to the best infrastructure available.


"I would also like to congratulate the event’s organisers and the teachers from across Australia who work so hard to introduce our students to the wonders of science.


"Rio Tinto is to be especially congratulated on this valuable initiative." 


National Science Week, celebrated nationwide between 15-23 August, is an opportunity not only for students but for all Australians to experience the excitement and limitless possibilities of science.

More information about National Science Week, and the over 800 events associated with it, is available at


Source: The Minister's Office

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