Kids' Name Labelling

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Name Labels For Kids

Kids are always kids. They tend to lose or misplace their personal belongings at school, excursions or camps. Hats, bags, jackets, shoes, books, you name it, not to mention their toys, games, gadgets… The “Lost Property” corner is usually one of our most familiar spots in the school, right?


Nowadays, most schools or childcare providers would suggest to parents to label everything children bring in. Apart from our own hand writing with permanent markers, there is a huge variety of name labels commercially available, which are inexpensive, easy-to-use, durable and with cute designs.


There are name labels for clothes, for bags, for shoes, for books and stationery. They may be stick-on, iron-on, sewed-on or strapped-on. Many of them are washing machine, dishwasher and microwave over safe. Most of these products can be ordered online in a wide range of colors and designs.


When labelling your child’s items, it is probably a good idea to put only the LAST NAME of your child and the phone number. That way, when you do the “hand-me-down” thing to your next child, the item won’t need re-labelling.


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