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Party Planning

Planning for your child's birthday party can be easy and fun, as long as you plan - budget for food, supplies and activities...

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Kids' Party Ideas

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kids birthday party ideas planning entertainment food activities entertainment directory Party Ideas!

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It's that time of the year; your child's birthday is coming up! What are you going to do for the party? The following are a few basics for you to consider.


If you have any great party ideas or tips that you'd like to share with us, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Checklist for a party

  • Venue: where to have the party;
  • Theme: what kind of party it is? Any entertainment or what equipment would be needed;
  • Food & Drinks: snacks, main meal & the cake; what sort of drinks?
  • Other supplies: invitations, decorations, prizes, jumping castles, equipment & etc.; and
  • Guests: who to invite. Just the children and/or their parents as well?


The party planning should be set according to:

  • Your own affordability
  • The number of people to be invited
  • Your child's interests
  • The actual pricing of venues, themes, food & others
  • Season and the weather conditions
  • Ideal time of the day.

Budget =Venue + Theme+ Food + Party Supplies


A party can be held at:

  • Home - where you can organise your own theme and food or have other people hosting or catering the party for you. It is the most flexible way to have a party, in that it can be planned to suit your budget and feeling comfortable;
  • A public venue (free of charge) - such as your child's favourite park (some of them now have free BBQ's), or even a shopping centre's food hall. However, you may be required to organise the theme, or particular activities of the party. Additionally, sufficient supervision should also be arranged;
  • A hired venue - such as a public swimming pool, a sports centre or a local community hall. Where you can provide your own theme and food or hire the services so that you can have time to socialise with your guests;
  • An all-in-one party venue - to have your party organised, hosted and catered at
    • A fast food outlet
    • A play centre
    • A sports centre (eg. Indoor sports centre, bowling club, golf course, rock-climbing centre, ice-skating rink)
    • An arts & crafts venue
    • A museum or a gallery
    • A harbour cruise
    • A zoo or a theme park, or
    • Your own favourite social club
    • A horse riding venue


There are many themes for you or your child to choose from, depending on the ages, gender and interests of each child:


Favourite Character Theme Party: fairies, princesses, superheros, cartoon characters, magicians, clowns.


The hired entertainer will arrive at your child's party dressed up in the character chosen and host the party with entertainment, games, face painting and balloon sculpturing for a set period of time (usually an hour). Meanwhile, all children can dress up according to the theme.

Animal Theme: the service provider brings to you

  • live baby farm animals for children to touch and feed; or
  • The reptiles or insects exhibit which provides children with an opportunity to watch, touch, and to learn about the different species and their environment. Educational as well.


Disco/Karaoke: the service provider will entertain the party guests with singing and dancing. The provider usually includes disco/karaoke equipment, entertainment and games.


Sports Theme: most popular sports for parties are: soccer, poolside activities, golf, rock-climbing, ice-skating, as well as the general sport games. You can organise the activities yourself or hire a sports party host.


Science & Technology: the service provider will bring to your child and the party guests equipment, gadgets and ingredients for them to experience and to experiment. While they enjoy the scientific thrill, they would also learn a thing or two.


  • Home-made party food from fresh ingredients: is ideal for parties where there are people with allergies. They are more cost effective, however, can be very time-consuming. Home-made food can be:
    • Home-made dip;
    • Sandwiches;
    • Pies;
    • Pasta;
    • Salad;
    • fried rice;
    • Lasagne;
    • BBQ food.
  • Pre-made party food: to be re-cooked at the party. Thanks to our varied cultures in Australian society, it provides us with a wide variety of choices such as
    • Hot chips
    • Potato wedges
    • Chicken nuggets
    • Fish fingers
    • Cheese and Spinach Triangles
    • Spring rolls
    • Pies
    • Herb and garlic bread
  • Food from fast food outlets: easy and inexpensive, especially with their delivery services.
  • Food by catering services: have a wide range of choices depending on your budget and party venues. You will be able to enjoy the party more and have more time to socialise and interact with your guests.

Party Supplies & Party Hire

  • Invitations
  • Cakes
  • Decorations and novelties
  • Equipment hire, eg. Jumping castles, jukebox, toys, rides

DIY Party Ideas:

With the above basic party elements in mind and of course, plenty of love in your heart, you can create a very imaginative and memorable party for your child, by combining various ideas on venue, theme, food and other supplies.


Party at Home: the most flexible way of partying and suitable for all ages. For young children, a jumping castle, an animal farm or a party host will certainly keep them entertained. With older kids, a theme or two should be planned ahead. Food can be home-made or provided by take away food or catering service.


Pool Parties: (close supervision required) have your esky filled with drinks, nibbles, pre-organised food and cake, have the party at your backyard pool or a public swimming pool. Some pools have BBQ facilities where you can cook your sausages and meat while the kids are doing their bombs and dives under the watchful eye of other adults in summer time.


Shopping Party: (suitable for pre-teenage girls) a shopping trip followed by a meal and cake-cutting at the shopping centre food court.


Party at a Park: Suitable for children of all ages and both genders. (but need to keep an eye on the weather forecast). Organised theme or games with food cooked on the gas BBQ provided by the park, followed by the cake cutting.


Movie Party: nowadays, most suburban movie theatres are build in or attached to a shopping centre. This provides you with a lot of convenience in organising the party. Bring with you serviettes, plastic plates, cutlery, drinks, chips and cake (these can all be purchased from the nearby supermarket or cake shop). Let the kids enjoy the movie and the popcorn, and have the cake cut after the movie.


Bike Riding Party: (sufficient supervision required) after some bike riding at a National Park or a local park with bike track, have a picnic and cut the cake. Don't forget to remind everyone to bring helmets.


Tennis Party: hire a tennis court and bring your food and drink. Have a few games followed by the birthday song and cake cutting.


Pizza/ Cooking Party: prepare the dough and the ingredients and let them make their own meal which will taste extremely delicious to them all.


Scrapbooking Party.



These ideas are contributed to by friends, family members of OurKidz community.
If you have been to or organised an interesting birthday party, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your experience. We need your imagination, creativity and fresh ideas.




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