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Brainwave, Australia’s only national charity supporting children suffering from brain illnesses, is delighted to announce the launch of The Grove Roaders 3-peaks Challenge. Launched last Sunday 9th August at the Elgin Inn Hotel, Hawthorn, The Grove Roaders are a community group of families who have decided to donate all sponsorship monies raised by their bi-annual 3-peaks Challenge to Brainwave.


Along with providing event information about the 3 Peaks Challenge, the launch also highlighted to The Grove Roaders the impact their generous donations would have on Brainwave. Boardmember Penny Burke was on hand to educate The Grove Roaders about Brainwave and its mission to support children and families suffering from diagnosed brain conditions. Astounded by the level of response on the day, Penny has already expressed sincere gratitude at the committed group. ”It’s great to see support at such a grass roots level and it is inspiring that groups like The Grove Roaders exist. We thank them in advance for their commitment to our cause and they can rest assured that their donation will be put to great use supporting Brainwave children and their families. We wish them all the very best for the challenges ahead,” Penny said.


Originating in Grove Road, Hawthorn, The Grove Roaders are a group of family friends who love getting together with a challenge in mind. Combining the conquering of physical challenges whilst highlighting the importance of giving to others, The Grove Roaders comes together to organise fundraising activities that make a strong contribution to the wider community. Taking place in Bright, north eastern Victoria, on the Melbourne Cup long weekend in November 2009, the 3-peaks Challenge encourages teamwork and participation through a series of challenges, with participants seeking sponsorship and donations to raise money to support their chosen cause.



The Grove Roaders’ spokesperson Robert Davies said, “We are blown away with the level of commitment already being shown by the participants in The Grove Roaders. When we first conceived the idea, our aim was to combine physical fitness while highlighting to our children the need to help those less fortunate. What has followed has been a rewarding, fulfilling experience that has enabled precious family time and new relationships to be formed whilst making a real contribution to our chosen charities. We’re delighted to be supporting the important work of Brainwave this year.”


If you would like any more information or would like to sponsor any participants in the 3-peaks Challenge, visit the Brainwave website at and follow the link to The Grove Roaders site.


For more information on Brainwave Australia visit or call 03 9646 8510 to enquire about corporate sponsorships and donations.
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