"Ranger in Danger" celebrates World Ranger Day!

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July 31st is World Ranger Day!


To celebrate the amazing work of rangers around the world, The Five Mile Press have published an action packed adventure series


Ranger in Danger by Sean Willmore and Alison Reynolds


Take a moment on July 31 to think about the amazing work of rangers around the world. Here in Australia we are lucky. Park rangers can get in with their job of protecting our national parks and gently educating the general public without feeling they are putting their lives at risk every day.


In other parts of the world, rangers have to fight for their lives against poachers. Over the last ten years, an estimated one thousand rangers have been killed just doing their job protecting nature. In one park alone – Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo – 158 park rangers have been killed protecting the homeland of the world’s last mountain gorillas.


Australian park ranger, founder of The Thin Green Line and author, Sean Willmore, along with author Alison Reynolds, has written an adventure series for kids called Ranger in Danger, based on real-life adventures of rangers around the world. The books are action packed, decide-your-own destiny adventures, and a perfect way for children to experience the thrills and the dangers of the natural world and the life of a ranger on the frontline of conservation.


Sean Willmore’s organisation, The Thin Green Line, raises funds for the families left behind by rangers who have been killed in the line of duty. He has featured on ABC’s Australian Story and The 7.30 Report, and he is the 2009 United Nationals Environment Award Winner. Says Sean:


‘These brave men and women need our support. The Ranger in Danger series brings kids to the frontline of conservation, as a ranger themselves making critical decisions along the way, to decide their shared destiny with the forest, oceans and animals that make them special.’


For more information or purchase online, visit www.rangerindanger.com.



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