School Music Program: Join the song that stops Australia!

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Music. Count Us In is music program designed for Australian schools.


There have been more than 600 schools already registered to take part in this year's Music. Count Us In on October 22nd.



Registered schools are already providing fantastic feedback about how they're getting behind the program:



"Our children LOVE the song, they agree that 'Music is Everything'; we've talked about how Music is Maths, Music is English, Music is History..." Annette Castles, Music Specialist, Boisdale Primary School, VIC



"I have attached an MP3 recording of my Year 9 class (no teacher playing - 22 students) playing "The Music is Everything" - we got to the end for the first time today and even negotiated the key change! Fairvale Primary (whole school 500+ students) are also learning the song through their RFF music staff member and our 200 Year 7s are well underway as part of their class music program. The only issue will be sorting out the logistics of getting hundreds of students together when we visit the Primary School on October 22." Greg Thwaites, Head Teacher Performing Arts, Fairvale High School, NSW



Click here to listen to Fairvale High's Year 9 instrumental recording.



Visit to register and help create a nationwide celebration of the importance of music education in school education. Don't forget everything is free!



Did you know that last year's Music. Count Us In achieved over 50 million media impressions for music education? That's a lot of community discussion about the important of school music, in newspapers, radio and TV shows all over the nation.

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