ABC Kids CD release OUT NOW: LazyTown Here We GO!

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LazyTown Here We GO! 



LazyTown - Here We GO! :: ABC Kids CD release OUT NOWThings are upside-down and round and round in LazyTown. Based on the children’s television show broadcast on ABC TV, LazyTown – Here We GO! is the latest musical collection of favourite songs from Series 3 - now available on CD.


Stephanie, an optimistic pink-haired girl, comes to live in a new, and formerly inactive neighborhood, appropriately named ‘LazyTown’where she meets a zany mix of townspeople, urging her new found friends Ziggy, Trixie, Stingy and Pixel to go outside and be active instead of staying inside and playing video games.


The kids of LazyTown are trying to figure out their own worlds through this musical adventure - their inquisitive, adventurous and playful personalities sing through in many of the tracks such as ‘Never Say Never’, ‘Take It To the Top’and ‘Here We Go’.


Each of these characters, many which feature on the album have strengths and weaknesses that all kids can identify with making it entertaining and engaging for children of all ages.


Due to the timing of the show’s premiere in the US in 2004, it has been through to have been created in response to the childhood obesity issues which have been an international talking point of the last decade.


The popularity of LazyTown's songs and music since the shows inception has led to the production of a number of soundtrack albums that feature music from the show. Originally performed in English, the show has been dubbed into more than a dozen languages (including Icelandic) and aired in over 100 countries worldwide.



1. Welcome To LazyTown 8. Boogie Woogie Boo
2. Never Say Never 9. We Love SportsCandy
3. Round And Round 10. Summer Is The Season
4. Life Can Be A Surprise 11. All Together
5. Here We Go 12. Holly Jolly Holidays
6. Take It To The Top 13. Bing Bang
7. Recipe For Energy 14. To 26. Karaoke Versions

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