Sydney’s halls of learning host Superheroes and Lego

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Sydney’s halls of learning host Superheroes and Lego


Youngsters will be able to run free in the University of Sydney’s museums during a series of day-long activities these school holidays in a bid to make the esteemed institution accessible to everyone. Children aged from 5to 12 will be invited to handle Greek artefacts that are 2,000 years old, act out the ancient story of Jason and the Argonauts and create a conceptual art work as part of the programs.


The activities, funded by a grant from the City of Sydney, may seem like simple holiday diversions, but are in fact part of a strategy to celebrate the cultural heritage of the City’s ethnic and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and encourage them to aspire to a university education.


For two days, children will be invited to participate in the Superheroes and Gods program at the Nicholson Museum, where a day of learning will be cleverly wrapped up in the fun of creating an ancient Greek performance and craft making.


Children will be taken on a tour of Australia without leaving the Macleay Museum and offered the chance to create their own postcards and tourist memorabilia about their experience.


At the University Art Gallery, the meaning of conceptual art will be explored as children create their own works throughout the day.


A breathtaking model of the Acropolis, built out of 125,000 Lego blocks and featuring characters both ancient and modern, will be on view at the Nicholson Museum. Children will be able to create their own Lego creations on site.


Day-long programs at the University of Sydney 10am – 4pm 


Superheroes and Gods, Nicholson Museum 

Thursday 26 September & Friday 4 October 

Come dressed as your favourite superhero and learn about the superpowers of the ancient Greek gods and heroes. See our Lego Acropolis, play with lego, create props and act out the adventures of superhero Jason and the Argonauts like an ancient Greek actor. Performance sessions 11am, 12pm, and 3pm. Super fun craft activities and storytelling throughout the day. 


All Aboard! Discover the past, Macleay Museum 

Tuesday 1 October 

Take a journey into the past at the Macleay Museum – discover the history of Australian tourism without leaving the museum. Collect souvenirs from the tourist sites you visit and send postcards home describing things you have seen.


Conceptual Art Day, University Art Gallery 

Thursday 3 October 

Create your own artworks to take home as you explore the meaning of conceptual art. What ideas can you explore as you create?