Bellybuds to stimulate unborn babies development

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Love to love you, baby!


The benefits of playing music to the unborn baby have long been demonstrated. We’ve all heard the ‘Mozart effect’ can improve brain function. We also know that by 18 weeks baby can hear sounds and by the third trimester their hearing is fully functional. The new Bellybuds are helping parents to stimulate baby’s development in positive ways and are helping create voice recognition patterns, even before birth. Bonding with your unborn baby just got funkier.

Whether you’re into Leonard Cohen, Beastie Boys, Bach or GaGa, you’ll be able to share your musical passions with your little one. Simply plug your iPod (or equivalent) into your Bellybuds,stick them on your belly and turn them on. The music is transferred directly to your womb. The embryonic fluid acts as a sound conductor.

The Bellybuds can even be used to transmit voice messages from loved ones. Dads, siblings and grandparents can ‘speak directly’ to baby via the Bellybuds, making them more familiar to baby after birth. Bellybuds are being used to connect dads who travel a lot and to familiarise baby with new parents in cases of adoption or surrogacy.

Bellybuds are completely safe to use. The volume has been limited to safe levels. It is recommended they be used when baby is ‘awake’ in the womb, for up to an hour at a time. Soothing music can be played at night to help your baby settle.

Bellybuds are comfortable and discrete to wear. They come with four sets of adhesive rings and silicon covers dampen the external sound so you play to your baby, not your neighbours. Also included in the pack is an audio splitter which means mum can listen too. Why should baby have all the fun?!

In the States some obstetricians and gynecologists have used Bellybuds to entice baby to move positions for clearer ultrasound readings. Women are also using them to persuade breech babies to turn down.

If you’re keen to pass on your taste in music, as well as your genes get your set of Bellybuds today. (Quick before someone tries to tell them Justin Bieber rocks!)

Available from Bubs and My Baby Warehouse stores and online from for $55.

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