New head lice treatment by Aussie mums

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It took three Aussie mums to put their heads together and come up with a head lice treatment that actually works. Yes, that’s right, it works! Hit Nitz 4 6 is a revolutionary new treatment that uses wormwood as its active ingredient. No other head lice treatments on the market use this active ingredient so head lice have not built immunity to it. The results are incredible.
Wormwood is a natural plant product that was used in ancient times to repel fleas and bed bugs. It turns out lice don’t like it either. Hit Nitz 4 6 uses an organic supply of Wormwood and is a 100% natural product. You won’t find any nasty chemicals in this range. It is safe to use on everyone.
Melissa Barrett, Michelle Olden and Gaby Bracks are the brains behind the range. They were sick of their children getting head lice and not being able to get rid of it. Researching medieval bug removal methods they first learned about wormwood. Initial testing on their own children proved positive, particularly when the control spray was used after treatment. A further study of 80 children proved 92% effective at keeping head lice at bay.*
The process is simple. Apply the Once Off Lotion generously to the hair and scalp. Leave it on for four hours and then wash it out. There is no need to comb out the lice. (Happy dance?!) We all know the torture of having to comb the critters out of our children’s hair. Hit Nitz 4 6 lets you skip that part making the process much more pleasant for children and parents alike. The Control Spray used daily ends the head lice cycle.
“We have been blown away by the feedback we get from our customers,” explains Melissa. “People who have ‘tried everything’ give our product a go and can’t believe it when it actually works. I think we’ve saved a quite few mums from despair!”
The range includes a 250ml Once Off Lotion for $19.95 and a 250ml Daily ControlSpray for $22.95. It can be purchased from or from pharmacies and health food stores around the country.
If head lice are driving you and your family crazy it’s time to hit them for six with Hit Nitz 4 6.

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