‘the me strategies’ encourages children's positive behaviour

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See positive behavioural changes in your child today with ‘the me strategies’ family edition 


Change the dynamics of your household and make positive adjustments to your child’s behaviour with the help of the newly launched program called ‘the me strategies’ Family Edition.


‘the me strategies’ has been developed by leading psychologist Jenny Chapman, an industry expert who predominantly works with children and is the principal psychologist of a private practice in NSW.


Jenny, who has worked for many years with families, including foster families and blended families, has developed a behaviour adjustment strategy which has been successfully used to amend the normal development difficulties of young children and those with severe challenging behaviours. 


‘the me strategies’ Family Edition is the simple and fun intervention program that is emerging as a successful alternative parenting strategy and is promoting healthier relationships between family members as well as encouraging a peaceful and relaxed household.


It is designed to successfully adjust patterns of behaviour, teach new skills and/or encourage participation in completing tasks and contributing to the family unit. ‘the me strategies’ is based on choices and consequences that see children motivated to choose to earn incentives and privileges.


These incentives and privileges are identified to promote positive changes in a child’s pattern of behaviour as an alternative to punishing. This technique in contrast to reactive methods of parenting, is preventative; a strategy that reduces the likelihood of a behaviour occurring in the first place. 


Whilst Jenny sees extreme behavioural issues in her practice, the successful strategies she has implemented with these families has inspired her to develop an alternative parenting technique that can be implemented in a variety of family settings. Behavioural issues can be as simple as having to repeatedly ask your child to pick up after themselves, make their bed, or set the table for dinner, which in itself is not major, but having to ask constantly every time and every day is wearing on you and the rest of the household. 


‘the me strategies’ kit comes complete with all the contents you and your family will need to create magnetic charts for two children. Using the tasks and character sheets with the behaviour point numbers, parents can sit down with their children to create a fun and interactive incentive program that really works. As a family, parents and kids can agree upon weekly tasks or behaviours that need improvement and negotiate incentives once these points have been achieved.  


Jenny notes that parents may feel familiar with this theory but ‘the me strategies’ intervention strategy is indeed unique. “Most parents have possibly tried something like this before or may recognise elements of this strategy, but it is the combination of elements, together with the rules of implementation, that set it apart from other behavioural change strategies, particularly reward charts. This strategy has evolved due to a demand for a successful alternative parenting intervention and families who use ‘the me strategies’ continue to report positive results,” Jenny says. 


Whilst reward charts may assist to ‘switch off’ a behaviour, they usually don’t teach the skill associated with the learning that occurs with ‘the me strategies’. Parents can use this strategy with children as young as four or five years old, right up until the child leaves home. 


Mother of three Sarah Smith acknowledges that ‘the me strategies’ has totally changed the dynamics of her household. “I have three children under the age of nine so getting them to complete simple and everyday tasks was often challenging. With ‘the me strategies’ I can motivate my children to do the right thing and they can see the benefits of it too. They now understand positive behaviour equals positive outcomes.”


‘the me strategies’ will be available from September and is RRP $69.95
through the website www.themestrategies.com.

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