Australian actor Pacharo Mzembe on the Run for Awareness

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Australian actor Pacharo Mzembe on Run for Awareness (youth charity)

One of Australia’s top 10 next big stars puts acting career on hold to run across Australia and highlight the importance of education for kids.
Australian actor Pacharo Mzembe left his home town of Brisbane this weekend bound for Perth in preparation for the Run of Awareness - his extraordinary attempt to run the entire 4,189 kilometre distance across Australia in less than 70 days.

Recognised last year as one of the top 10 next big actors on the Australian scene, Pacharo is putting his career on hold as he prepares to run over 60 kilometres per day for the entire 70 days battling blistering heat of over 50 degrees Celsius in Australia’s harsh outback.


The purpose behind taking on this great physical feat is to raise awareness of a cause very close to the actor’s heart - the inequality of educational opportunities for young people - and as a result is taking on an incredible feat that only few have ever managed to achieve.


With a rigorous training regime that includes everything from pulling a 19kg sled for an hour straight, 20 kilometre stair climbs or any one of his four 50 kilometre runs for the week, Pacharo feels his body is ready for the ultimate test and is looking forward to taking up the challenge when he leaves the shores of Perth on February 26.


“There is no doubt that the Run of Awareness is extremely dangerous but I believe I can do it and I want to show Australia’s youth that no matter what,  they can make a difference if they want to,” he said.


“If you set your mind to it, anything in life is possible. Just never stop believing.”


Planned on a shoestring budget, Pacharo and his team will come face to face with Australia’s most unforgiving elements, roughing it from start to finish with the team relying on support from well-wishers, friends and family to make the Run of Awareness possible.


Once he leaves Perth, Pacharo’s Run of Awareness will see him run for over 10 hours per day for 70 days until he reaches his destination in Sydney on May 6.

Leaving Brisbane on Sunday February 12, Pacharo’s first journey across Australia will be by car as he spends several weeks surveying the dangerous journey ahead of him. With the aim of planning and preparing mentally, Pacharo will see firsthand the harsh elements of the Australian outback that he will himself battle on foot in the coming months.


The Run for Awareness is dedicated to raising awareness and funds for - Youth Off The Streets and Room to Read – both of which help young people receive better education both in Australia and overseas.



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