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OC: Opportunity Class Placement Test (NSW)


Opportunity Classes are Year 5 and 6 classes set up in the NSW public school system catering for those academically gifted and talented primary students by providing them with an intellectually stimulating learning environment.


Students are selected based on the outcome of their Opportunity Classes Placement test in Year 4, together with their academic performances at their schools.


Each year more than ten thousand Year 4 candidates compete to gain entry to seventeen hundred OC places in 73 public schools. Students from non-government schools, eg. independent schools, Catholic systemic schools are also eligible for selection.


> Click here for statistics: The Number of OC placement vacancies


School Choices

Students applying to enter Year 5 Opportunity Classes can choose up to 2 schools, without any restrictions on the students’ residential locations, travelling times and transport arrangement.


These choices can be changed after the test date by written notification. However, parents need to check with the Department to ensure it is not too late for the changes.


> Click here for Public Primary Schools with Opportunity Classes


OC Placement Test and School Assessment

The Opportunity Classes Placement Test for students entering Year 5 in the following year is usually scheduled for sometime in July. The test is free. Each candidate will be notified of his/her examination centre, usually in his/her local area, before the test date.


The Test

The test consists 2 parts of questions having totally

  • 20 questions in Mathematics;
  • 20 questions in English;
  • 30 questions in General Ability.

Each part takes 30 minutes. All questions are mixed multiple choice.


> Click Here for Test Sample and Past Test Paper


> Also see The Preparation Workbook List Recommended by Teachers.


NSW Opportunity Class Test Preparation Workbook List Recommended by Teachers



School Assessment Scores

Schools, including public schools and non-government schools, are asked to provide assessments on candidates’ Mathematics and English based on their performances during Year 3 and first half of Year 4, using the schools’ own assessment criteria.


These mathematics and English assessments will then be calculated to rank all candidates from every school, based on the mean (average) and standard deviation (spread of scores).


If a candidate is not able to obtain assessments from his/her school, a letter of explanation from the candidate’s parent will be required to attach to the Application.


The Total Scores Used for OC Placement - Profile Scores. The full Profile Scores are 300, including

  • 100 scores in English: 50% of the Test scores + 50% of school assessment scores
  • 100 scores in Mathematics: 50% of the Test scores + 50% of school assessment scores
  • 100 scores in General Ability: 100% of the Test scores


* If the school assessments are not available, the candidates’ Profile Scores will be solely based on the Test Scores.


How to apply

The Application Packages are available from 11 May 2009 from all public primary schools for public school students. For students from non-government schools, the Application Packages are available from the branch offices of the Department of Education, or a public school with Opportunity Classes.


> 2010 Application Package

To apply:

  • Read through the information provided and complete the Application Form;
  • Attach documentation relevant to the child’s academic talent and ability, eg. IQ report, disability assessment. (*as the OC placements are academically based, copies of candidates’ certificates of merit in sports, creative arts or behavior should not be submitted);
  • Return the Application to the school Principal. The Principal will complete his/her part of assessment and send it together with other students’ applications back to the Selective High School and Opportunity Class Placement Unit.


The Outcome

During November, the candidates will receive one of the selection outcomes:

  • Be offered a place in one of the schools of the candidate’s choice;
  • Be placed in the reserve list, pending the availability of vacancies in the chosen school and the candidate's position on the list; or
  • Unsuccessful

Contact details for further enquiries:

Selective High School and Opportunity Class Placement Unit

NSW Department of Education and Training

Email: ssu@det.nsw.edu.au

Postal address: Locked Bag 6109 Milperra DC NSW 1891

Telephone: 02 9707 6262 Fax: 02 9707 6265

Website: http://www.schools.nsw.edu.au/learning/k-6assessments/ocplacement.php


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