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For KLOPʼs sake, itʼs high time you gave a toss! Print

KLOP is getting ready to pop - so if you donʼt give a toss, itʼs high time you started.


This nordic log-tossing sensation is reshaping Australiaʼs backyards, beaches, parks, BBQs and more.


They are Klopping in the subway, on the steps of the opera house, in underground caves and at Uluru. They are Klopping in the snow, on tropical islands, in cemeteries at midnight and on their wedding days.


The beauty of KLOP is anyone can play and anyone can win.


The rules of KLOP are simple. Throw the wooden chuck to knock over the 12 numbered pegs. Knock more than one peg down: score one point for each peg. Knock only one peg down: score the number on that peg. Take turns to toss the chuck and the first to 50 wins.


But Kloppers beware - there is more to KLOP than meets the eye.


Legend has it that KLOP was invented by woodsmen in the Carelia area near the Finnish-Russian border. The woodsmen would carve wooden blocks out of the forests and fling them around erratically, making enough noise to scare away hungry bears. Whimps.


But KLOP has come a long way since then, and there is now even an Australian KLOP championships.


MCʼd by Melbourneʼs great all rounder, Tony Wilson, the 4th National KLOP Championships is heading to Geelong on Saturday 3rd December 2011. There is simply no better way to have a crack at a bone fide national title. The field is more open than the Melbourne Cup.


So this summer get KLOP and start having yourself a Klopping good time.


To find a KLOP stockist, purchase KLOP online or to enter the KLOP Championships visit www.klop.com.au. Price: $60 plus delivery.
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