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Nintendo announces that critically acclaimed RPG, Xenoblade Chronicles, will be available on Wii from 1 September 2011. In Australia and New Zealand, the first production of the game will be packaged with a limited edition 'Special Soundtrack' CD.


XENOBLADE CHRONICLES (Nintendo Wii video game) AUSTRALIA released in September
The soundtrack CD features 12 original tracks written specifically for Xenoblade Chronicles. This limited edition can be pre-ordered now from selected retailers.


Xenoblade Chronicles takes you to the stunning lands of Bionis and Mechonis. The landscapes are vast, offering more than 100 hours of immersive gameplay. Whatever you see in the distance can be reached giving you real freedom to explore and plot your way around quests. Combat is in real time, and you are free to roam the seamless universe without having to endure random encounters, making Xenoblade Chronicles a real departure from traditional RPGs. 


Xenoblade Chronicles brings to life a universe where two titans - Bionis and Mechonis collide in a war that knows no end. As the aeons pass, the lifeless bodies of the titans remain and life soon evolves on each world. The two main races, the Mechon (a race of robots) and the Homs (humans) are locked in battle for control of the world. You join the battle for Bionis to repel the invasion of the terrifying mechanical army and uncover the secrets of a mystical sword called the Monado.



Xenoblade Chronicles SRP AU $99.95 (includes soundtrack CD) and SRP NZ $133.22*

*Based on currency conversion rates as at 1 August 2011
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