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In a world industry first, Luna Park Sydney is leading the way in interactive entertainment with the introduction of its new “My Experience” product, available from 2 July 2011.


Exclusive to Luna Park Sydney, “My Experience” uses state-of-the-art integrated technology to allow guests to enhance their day at the Park! After purchasing an Unlimited Rides Pass, anyone who has a smartphone (i.e. a phone that can access the internet such as an iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc) can register for “My Experience” by visiting www.myexp.com.au. It’s FREE!


“My Experience” Explained

Once a guest has visited www.myexp.com.au and registered using the “Login with Facebook” button, they will be all set to receive:
  • Their Extreme-O-Meter rating - The more rides a guest goes on, the higher their score! People who come to Luna Park together can link their wristbands to compete for who’s the most extreme. At the end of the day, the guest’s “Extreme-O-Meter” rating is posted to their Facebook Newsfeed so all their friends can see how extreme they are!
  • Live Ride Photography - Guests will have their photo taken when they ride the Tango Train and it will be instantly updated to their Facebook Newsfeed so all their friends can “like” and “comment” on it in real time!
  • Status Launcher - One of the most interactive elements of “My Experience”, the “Status Launcher” lets guests easily update and share their status as they exit the Ranger Ride, right when the adrenalin’s pumping!
  • End of Day Email – A complete summary of the guest’s experience at Luna Park (including the “Extreme-O-Meter” rating, photos and “Status Launcher” updates) is emailed to them at the end of the day so they can forward it to any friends who might not be on Facebook.

Sharing is the best part of “My Experience”, but any guests who may not be ready to tell the world how much fun they’re having just yet can still take part. They simply register without using the “Login with Facebook” button to receive the “End of Day Email” and nothing will be shared to Facebook.


Luna Park Sydney
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