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According to the Toy Story 3 video game: 21st Century Playtimereport* released today, that playtime habits of Australian families and entertainment for children today are changing:


Toy Story 3 Playstation 3 game
  • most parents now believe videogames can have a positive influence on children, only 5% of them were concerned about the increasing popularity;
  • videogames in Australian households is reaching saturation – almost every Australian households (97%) own one or more videogame consoles;
  • videogames are increasingly used as a family activity, with 79% of parents admit they enjoy playing videogames with their kids; and
  • Aussie parents (79%) want to spend more time to play with their children.
The report also revealed:
  • 74% of Aussie parents believe their own kids have enough playtime
  • The majority parents think that playing videogames in moderation can have positive benefits for their kids when played in moderation, such as improving motor skills and hand-eye coordination (94%); analytical and problem solving skills (91%) and creativity (72%)
  • 60% of parents average up to 2 hours per week playing videogames with their kids, which is the same amount of time they’ll spend on playing sports, board games, going outside and playing with regular toys.
  • 37% of Aussie kids play videogames 1-2 times a day, with a further 27% just playing them on the weekend.
As Mark McCrindle, futurist and demographer notes, “The Toy Story 3 video game: 21st Century Playtime report is an interesting insight into Australian parents’ perceptions of their kid’s play time. Overall, it’s found that parents highly value playtime and are increasingly partial to, and adopting, new forms of entertainment like videogames as part of the playtime mix.”
“There’s no doubt playing with toys has changed in the 21st century, given entertainment has become more and more influenced by technology as the new Toy Story 3 video game illustrates. Australia is a tech savvy nation, so it’s no surprise that parents have come to accept videogames as a valuable and complementary form of entertainment for children today, as long as they provide creativity and educational benefits.”
The new Toy Story 3 videogame, which launched on June 17, marks a new generation in gaming and family playtime. Inspired by the popular Disney Pixar film, the Toy Story 3 video game allows kids to create their own interactive toy world and unleash their imagination with the unique Toy Box mode, showcasing how the traditional pastime of playing with toys has been recreated in the virtual world.

* This research was conducted independently by online market research provider Pure Profile on a national representative sample of over 1000 parents with children aged 5-12 in Australia. Parents were surveyed on their attitudes towards children’s playtime and habits.



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